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Airport travel tips and alerts are provided to readers of to help you keep up with the latest information on airports all over the world.  We’ll bring you the latest on airport technology, unique amenities and time-saving tips to help you get more out of your airport experience.  We’ll also provide important alerts when bad weather or natural disasters strike.  If it is airport-related, we’ll provide the information.

Airport Intel is dedicated to helping travelers just like you to navigate even the biggest and busiest airports all over the world.  It’s our mission to help you get through your airport visits with the least amount of stress and worry.  After all, travel can be a stressful experience – we’re here to help you get more enjoyment from your airport encounters!  Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest airport travel tips right in your email box.

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A traveler and fan of airports all over the world. Each airport encounter brings some new interesting experience. Never mind that a lot has changed over the last few years. Airports are fascinating places and should be explored and enjoyed!


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